Born and raised between Europe and North America, French made with Armenian roots. It has been a blessing to experience two cultures at such a young age. Raised in Canada allowed me to stay in touch with the francophone and Anglophone culture. Of course, there are times I wish the climate was a bit warmer during the winter months!

The passion I have developed for modelling has emerged much later in my life. I never imagined I would be doing this at all.
At the time, I was not looking to change my career. I just wanted to focus on traveling more.

It was during a road trip in California that awaken this feeling that I could not ignore. I was really eager to explore this possibility of making this dream a reality. 2 Years later, I decided to create my social media pages to share my work. Such a good way to receive feedback from my photos. It has been and continues to be such a thrill connecting with so many people ! I just love showing off my edgy, kinky side. I think somewhere I have always been that way. I was just too shy to show more of myself to the world. Glad I took the risk exploring this sexuality that was buried deep inside. Where it brings me to say that my opportunities were all mapped out for a reason.

There is nothing more gratifying than looking at your final pictures and having a sense of pride with my accomplishments.
My perspective on beauty is something that is captured in time and at the same time maintained with hard work and consistency.

My goals is to live life with no regrets, to live it to the fullest!  In my new journey, I hope to continue inspiring others.
Nothing is impossible….You just simply have to believe in your dreams.